It’s a braw bricht – Image #22

So begins an oft-quoted phrase us Scots are reputed to say all the time. In full it is:

It’s a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht the nicht…

That translates as:

It’s a lovely bright moonlit night tonight…

Can I just say at this point, that it’s only something we say for the tourists and those who just love our accent.  It ranks up there with “there’s been a murder” and “Irn Bru, Made in Scotland from Girders”.

But that’s not the point of this item. The point was to show this photo which I took on my phone tonight, with no flash, of the near-full moon. It is indeed very bright out there – the sky isn’t properly black – but with a couple of filters and some jiggery-pokery I think the moon now looks more like a sun. I’ve no idea what the lighter blob below it is though, as I don’t think there were any bright stars near it when I took the photo.

Sun or Moon?
Sun or Moon?

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