Another bit of culture – Image #19

As I mentioned yesterday, just across the road from my office in London there’s a small park. Diagonally opposite the Henry Purcell sculpture I shared yesterday, I found this unusual piece of work.


It’s a memorial to the suffragette movement, and was unveiled back in 1970. The park is quite small, I’ve walked through it many times over the years, but until the past couple of days hadn’t actually stopped to read the inscriptions on the sculptures.

This one reads:

This tribute is erected by the Suffragette Fellowship to commemorate the courage and perseverance of all those men and women who in the long struggle for votes for women selflessly braved derision, opposition and ostracism, many enduring physical violence and suffering.

I guess that there’s a life lesson for all of us in this. Namely, open your eyes to the everyday sights, look at things anew, rediscover the familiar and enjoy your surroundings as if you’re there for the first and only time in your life.


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