It’s feeding time! – Image #12

For the first time this winter I noticed a bit of a chill in the air, so I decided it was time to top up the bird feeders in the garden.  I’ve put out a mixture of nuts and seeds – this one contains sunflower seeds – and at some point I’ll also put out fat / suet balls when it gets below freezing.

Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds

I love watching birds come into the garden to feed.  There’s usually a good mix of sparrows and starlings (as one would expect), blue and great tits and robins, with more infrequent visits from coal and long-tailed tits, green finches, goldfinches, bullfinches and the exceedingly uncommon (for my garden) thrushes, woodpeckers and wrens.  One winter when there was a prolonged cold spell and lots of snow (very unusual for the south of England) the hedgerow behind the fence became home to fieldfares and redstarts.

From my vantage point upstairs in my study, I can watch the activity with interest (yes, I know I should be working).  I particularly enjoy the days when the red kites in the area decide to visit.  They’re huge and graceful, and I’ve been fortunate to count 5 at one time above the rooftops nearby.  They’re probably my favourite birds, and I count myself lucky that I can watch them from the comfort of my own home.

On days when bird life is plentiful, I find myself sitting back and thinking “Isn’t nature wonderful?”, and of course the answer is an emphatic “YES!”


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