Who are we to judge?

Last night while browsing the blogsphere, I happened across an article that made me stop and think, for a long time. On the surface it’s all about judgement and people’s opinions, but dig a little deeper and it’s so much more. 

How can anyone know or appreciate what goes on in another person’s head, or in their life?  If you don’t know ALL the facts, how can you make a judgement?   It’s not as easy as saying “just walk away” or “stick with it, everything will be fine”.  Just have a read of this and tell me you didn’t judge the person writing it, or the others in their lives?  For me, I was moved by how incredibly brave they were for sharing their story, and am very grateful that they did.

We have no idea how we’d react in the same circumstances, because they’re different for everyone.  You may have experienced something similar in terms of treatment or comments, but it will never be exactly the same.  For all those differences, no one is less deserving of care and support than anyone else.

I have practically no experience of domestic violence, physical or emotional abuse, but am gradually learning that it’s more prevalent than any of us think.  Writers like the one above, sharing their thoughts and  experiences can teach us, if we’re prepared to listen and to be taught.  In any event, raising awareness increases the possibility that more can be done to help.

Dalai Lama Listen

I was pleased to read on the BBC website that emotional abuse is to become illegal in England and Wales, but the question remains – why has it taken so long to enact legislation like this?  I know that it’s not always easy to recognise the signs, but again raising awareness and helping those in need have to become priorities for us all, otherwise our society will descend into chaos and a total lack of respect for anyone or any thing else.

The challenge I’ve set myself – and one I set for you – is to find out how you can help, without judging.  How can I (and you) make a real difference and provide support for those who need it.

Finally, I’d just say that if you are suffering from abuse, or know someone who is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE and help is available from a number of places.  These are just a couple (there are many more) based in the UK, and your calls / contact will be treated in the strictest confidence.




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