Roots – a new blog name

Given that I’m born in Uganda, with a Norwegian mother and Scottish father, and I live in England, I think I can lay claim to being a multinational. I’m not quite a polyglot – my Norwegian is very rusty, but my English isn’t bad.

I have travelled a bit, more than some but not as much as many. When I’m out and about I like to get my walking boots on and explore the landscape. I love being up high, so I can see how places are connected to each other and how they are related by geography. It’s a great way of connecting places in my head.

Alliteration in language has always fascinated me, so the title for my blog had to roll off the tongue. Hopefully I’ve explained how I came up with it!

As for the tag line? I first read it in Mad magazine many years back, attributed to General Santa Ana after the Alamo. Winston Churchill also said it in the 1940s. But the biggest reason for using it is that it appears on a plaque in Auschwitz. I visited there last year and it had a profound effect on me. It’s a lesson we should all learn and should all do our utmost to ensure that sort of thing never happens again: unfortunately genocide, religious and ethnic cleansing, hatred of those “not like us” still goes on and has to stop, for all our sakes.


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