Blogging 101 – new beginnings

I’m just starting a course on blogging, and will be publishing here regularly over the next few weeks. My first assignment is to explain why I’m here and what I want to get out of the course, so here goes.

I initially set my blog up as I had a number of streams of thought on things like travel, humour, music, personal change etc and found that writing about them was cathartic. I had thought it would be very structured but that’s not the way it’s worked out!

The main reason for signing up for the course was so that I could learn more about the best ways of getting into the habit of writing regularly, and also learning how to build interest and followers. The latter two are important to me because I have played in a number of bands in the past and I want to be able to develop a fan base for the next one I join and to encourage more people to go to see live music generally.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this journey I’m taking – I’m very excited about it 😀


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